Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer

Method #1 - Scanner

If you have a scanner, simply follow the link below to upload your scanned documents. PDFs are preferred, but we can also accept JPEG and PNG files.

- Please Note -

After clicking the button above you do not need to create a username or password. Simply use the "Guest Exchange" feature and your files will be delivered safely and encrypted.

Method #2 - Smart Phone

If you do not have a scanner, but do own a smartphone or tabled, you can use it's camera to scan and capture documents for upload. Please follow the links below for iPhone users, and for users of Android based devices.

Why not use email?

  • Email is never truly secure; even over HTTPS connections.
  • Sending an email is like mailing a postcard. Every server that handles the email can see its contents (this even includes attachments).
  • Even though you use a trusted (secure) email provider, you can’t be certain that the message recipients take the same amount of care.
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